Friday, August 06, 2010

Sorry for not updating..

sorry to my dear bloggie and fellow blog readers..
I've been so busy with my assignments, presentations, courseworks and homeworks..
everynite I wake so late and Seriously I hardly find a sweet, best time to sleep...
Well.. since i was soo tired, I did tired to post something on this wall.. but..
I seem so blank I knew I got a lot of things to complain and share on.. but..
I close and continue my stupid, irritating and frustrating work....
Ok, here is my complains...
1. my lecturers owes ask us to find things that do not exist..
2. the food here is all spicy.. everthing is spicy... except the gardenia bread.. bt dun tell me that i nid to eat breads and biskuts for the rest of the 5 and a half year?
3. the stress and tension I "collected" from the stupid, irritating and frustrating works and the spicy, oily foods really tortured me till I am suffering from my gastrik lately..
day, afternoon and nite I need to take my medicine..==" *sad*
4. no chinese friends in my class.. all malays and bumi... ggggrrrrrrr... and the government keep on selecting malays students in.. duh.. their population still not enough ar....... satu malaysia konon!
5. the sun here is really terrible.. make me soooooo black... ><>< TT

However... of course there is nt only complains from me.. there are good things too.. ^^
1. my classmates, expecially the girls treat me nice.. they are friendly, spotting and nice..
2. I attended a very cute and warming church here.. seriously i really love the church.. the seniors and the pastors here are so kind.. I feel like I am home...
3. my friends here are good too.. hehe...

** suddenly feel tat the bad things is more than the good ones.. haha~ however, I quite love this place.. hehe.. thats all I am going to share this time.. hope I will be able to post something soon.. hehe~ miss ya'll... **

for ur information, I've changed my url to

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